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I am currently going through my grandmother's estate and am trying to identify and get a possible value of this lamp. I know that it is carved alabaster and I am pretty sure its from the 1920s, but not sure. It appears the shade was once broken and repaired. It is not really evident when the lamp is off. I found a picture of an identical lamp online but no description.

I really appreciate your help!


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It looks like "Diana" or another one of the mythical Goddess's. I would agree that it is from the Art Deco Era, 20's or perhaps 30's. It's most likely Italian made as well.

Value is really about condition and subject matter. It's a beautiful lamp, but depending on how bad the damage is, that is really gonna hurt, unfortunately. 

Do you have a photo of the lamp on, showing damage? I'm also pretty sure your missing something that used to be held in her right hand. Do you see a space where something used to fit?

No evidence of something ever was in her hand. Here's a pic of the damage.


Bump...Does anyone have an idea as to the value?

if you look on ebay they range from $2000 to $4000  dollars ( thats for a figurine such as yours )  not sure what the damage would mean to that high a price or if you can have it replaced to keep the value high


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