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i bought this at a estste sale signed drouot. repro ?

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can we see a pic of the electric socket and the base/bottom of the lamp?


more pics i took the base off maybey that will help

I think your lamp shade is a reproduction even though the lamp is classic Art Nouveau through  Art Deco period. The shade kind of gives it away because genuine Emile Galle shades would have been etched and not applied the white says paste to me which was done, but the butterfly is also too clunky. Galle was a naturalist and his butterflies were more flowing. An interesting fact is that Galle never produced his pieces but had other artisans do his work and once approved the artisan would sign the piece. Galle died in 1904,h however the firm continued to make items and apply his signature.  On the other hand, I believe your lady is original and that the shade is not the original shade to the lamp.

I agree with it being a reproduction lamp


The base or lady is based from a sculpture by Edouard Drouot - French Sculptor

1859-1945 -  obviously the base is hollow which really isn't an issue because many art  Deco /Nouveau pieces were designed from original sculpture. Craig would know about the lamp parts but I thing they are prior to the 60's - can you read what is written on the socket. 


E121412  NO 626




thank you i put up other pics. i cant find this lamp anwhere on the net. i should have left the lamp shade off. if you can find it please let me know

I am going with the no real wear on the lamp, there would be wear over the years on top of the hand, notice how shiney the knurled bolts that hold the shade are where they were not painted, the paint runs under the base, they would have been worn from just sitting on the table or what ever it set on the crude electric weld of the cross bar in the base, as well as the crude shade cutwork,

the wire, plug, switch, could have been replacement originaly would have had the old style cloth covered wire and a different shape plug, the socket looks to be a candlelabra size socket. I would guess less than 20 yrs old, or has had lots of work done on it.


The shade and the base really do not work and I believe you can find a "better" fit.

As to the lamp base; It looks like the cord and socket are European and the on/off is of the roller type which is still being made today as is the the type of cord and has been produced since the 1970s. The bulb socket is not (although it is possibly in Europe). There is writing on the cord and socket but I cant make it out. All these parts could have been replacements - but I doubt it. The lady is a copy from an original as I said which is not uncommon and you may not see another base like this because each sculpture was an original art form in itself. The original bronze would have been used as a mold or example and the signature duplicated; however the signature is not correct. The best I can tell you is that you have a great looking lamp which was only modeled off a well respected French sculptors work. Like Galle's signature on the shade, so is the base. I would have expected this signature to be more in keeping with original, but it's not.

Enjoy your lamp! 



i would like thank you people for all your help. only two more questions any guess as to where it was made and when

Reproductions have been made all over and for may years. I always bring in where I purchased an item from and what other items are in the estate sale/auction . I can grasp pretty quickly what their pension may be for collecting or possessing. I very rarely state any specifics unless I can look and feel at an item in person unless it is one of those classic text book examples. It's like being a detective.


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