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I would like to identify what type lamp this is from.

This chimney is about 3 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide. It is broken at the bottom and appears that there could have been a flange. It is flint glass so it predates 1860 but does not have the bulbous shape of a kerosene lamp. I suspect that it is likely for a burning fluid lamp (or whale oil) but I cannot

find anything similar. It could also be for a candle but I think that is unlikely. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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  I don't think this is a lamp chimney. The glass looks much too thick and heavy. It is not the form for an early kerosene burner c1860s and no whale oil lamp I am familiar with had a chimney in this form, nor is it for argand type lamp either.. If you could take a picture of the bottom broken off part, it might help.  

It is thick and heavy approximately 1/4 inch thick where it is broken.

There appears to be a bevel inward to the point where it is broken where on one tiny fragment starts going out as if this is a groove cut into the glass. I think that the top lip finish eliminates it from being some type of tableware vessel but is of similar thickness. Typically flint glass is thicker and heavier. Sorry for the photos but it is harder to focus with a phone and not a camera.

Flint glass rings like a bell when you hold it in the palm of your hand and flick the rim with your finger. Are you sure it it flint?   This looks like a piece of "dug" glass with a "sick" finish, exposed to the elements. If so, it may have frozen and the bottom part snapped off from freezing. Just a thought as I'd have to handle it.

It is 'dug' as I work as an archaeologist. This came from a cellar in central Illinois which will date from about 1835 to and possibly past the turn of the century.


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