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Hi, I'm new to Iantique, and joined because I'm stumped.  I'm usually very good at researching items that I sell, however, I have searched all over Google/Images & Ebay for a lamp like this but with no luck.  I did happen to find an image of the same kind of shade on google images but it was an old link for an Ebay listing which is long gone and unsearchable.  These lamps come from a storage unit which had 2 brass lamps and 6 shades; 4 shades are smaller and 2 larger.  So far I only have found 2 lamps to go with the smaller shades, but I'm hoping that the rest might be in the remainder of the items.  The lamp has the same image of a figure as the shades.  The base is solid brass with very soft pliable copper wires that fold out and a copper lamp shade frame, which the filigree/pierced shades slide over. One has an old electric cord and the other does not. The shades are hand stitched together on the sides and fold flat.  Since the lamp frame base wires, the lamp frame, and the lamp shade all fold down, I'm assuming this was meant to be a travel lamp. Of course there's no maker's mark. I have never seen anything like it before and I can't tell what ancient tribe the figure represents.  My best guess is that it's an Art Deco American interpretation of maybe Egyptian or Moroccan, but I'd love to know where these lamps originated and what the shades are made of. I have read that sometimes Mica is mistaken for rawhide since it comes in a natural color and is a flexible sheet like rawhide.  Has anyone ever seen a lamp like this? If so, what is it called, what is the origin of the figure,  and are
the shade Mica or hide?  Thank you so much for looking!  I hope someone can solve the mystery!

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