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My mother in law gave me this lamp and I have been trying to figure out where it came from/who made it and if there are others like it.

I can not find any identifying marks on it which would indicate who made it. It does come with a Tiffany shade shaped like a flower which is still in storage.

Could some one please help me figure out when/where this came from?

Meyda Tiffany has a similar one with a woman standing and a child not a baby. Is this just an earlier version.

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It's very pretty. What is it made of though? That will determine: age, origin, value etc. It's very hard to tell from a photo. Is is resin?, metal; what kind; base/ nickel, pot metal, brass, copper or bronze? heavy? Exact size?

seeing the shade also would help tremendously in valuation

It is made of resin, I believe. I can not tell what the base is made of. It is resin covering something heave but is obscured by the pad on the bottom of light. It is heavy.

The base is 10" x 7" and to the top of the mirror is 19 inches tall. To the top of the shade would be about 14 inches. 

I am working on getting to the shade but it is in a box of other breakable stuff.

Thank you for your help.

I believe you were correct the first time, it is a Meyda Tiffany Lily Lamp, a different model to the other version you found online. Sorry I can't find the specific model of yours.

I would think your best option at this time would be to contact Meyda directly. They do still sell lamps similar to yours, but your exact item does not appear on their current website.  It's most likely a discontinued item now, however, you may be able to find out directly from the makers its name and selling price in its day given the fact the design matches others they still sell.

Thanks Michael. I actually sent them a message this morning.  I will post what I hear back.  Thank you for your help. 


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