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Anybody recognize this pottery lamp? Maker, era? There are no marks that I can identify.

It comes with a green, maybe bakelite, finial. I have what I think is the original harp somewhere as well. I can see that the plug is bakelite but don't know if this is the original wiring.

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Looks like 1920's to 30's Art pottery, most likely american. Do you have a pic of the base? Is it yellow ware? Many of our american pottery co.'s used yellow ware, so it could have been made by a dozen of them. So, it get's down to figuring out who used this type of glaze and design. I don't recognise it, but if I had to guess I would say McCoy, Zanesville or one of the CA. Potteries. That's the best I can do, good luck, and it's nice!
A few more pictures and details below:
Yelloware?'s the base

There is something that might be a mark, very light blue on the base. Best picture I could get

The socket is marked Leviton Patented . It has the red and black switch.

The wire inside retains some silk wrapping

The lamp was probably molded since there are seams and some places where the clay has not joined perfectly

I am hunting for the finial which may be a key piece to date/ID the lamp! Thanks again for any suggestions.
I have recently acquired a lamp exactly like this one. Did you ever learn anything about it?

Key way to identifying l;amps is the socket. You should post a detailed picture of the socket. Here are some things to look for in a socket: UNO threads (around the opening of the socket where the bulb would go in) appear after 1910 and continue to the 1970's.

The name on the paddle can be an indicator of the age.  The end of a pull chain can indicate age.The inside threads of the socket and the insulation material is helpful. Mica is usually older than ceramic, bakelite and plastic newer. Copper threads  are older than copper plated bulb threads, Aluminum being the newest.  Great resources is 

There you'll find dating sockets is much harder than I've suggested, but still the best way.


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