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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your help. I have another clock I am trying to determine the age and manufacturer on. This clock is a Regulator A wall clock (see pics below). There is not an identified manufacturer on the case, face, or movement. I am assuming it may have had a sticker inside the case that is missing. Any help would be great!


- Aaron

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The "Regulator A" clocks were typically made by the Ansonia Clock Co., though similar styles were also made in Asia, probably Japan. The dial and hands on your clock are not typical of Ansonia., though the case is. If you can provide a view of the movement, that might help with the identification, though some Japanese movements look very similar to Ansonia movements.

And not to be anal but a good trivia answer to remember is a clock w/o a chime is not a clock-it's a timepiece. Yours looks like a timepiece as it has only one spring winding hole.

Here is a picture of the movement, hope that helps with the ID. The case is made out of solid wood, not a laminate. The dial does not have any manufacturer information listed on it.


This looks like an American movement. It could well be an Ansonia clock. The movements weren't always marked. The crown-toothed wheel on the front of the movement is a calendar gear and explains the large empty area between the dial numerals and the edge of the dial. That would have originally contained the numbers 1-31 to show the day of the month. It's hard to tell what the dial material is in the photos. Perhaps the numbers are there but just faded. An additional hand would point to the date and would change automatically around midnight.

Actually, I just wiped the oil smudge away on the middle of the picture and it is marked:

Ansonia Clock Co. with a letter A in the right corner on the bottom of the movement.

The dial seems to be made of metal and painted with a copper metallic type paint, all the numerals are hand painted as is the circle -- maybe the dial was painted over?

Movement is working.



Replacement paper dials and calendar hands are available at clock repair supply houses such as www.timesavers.com and www.merritts.com.


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