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         A quick trip to the "GW" this afternoon netted me this amazing Elgin clock. Beautiful retro style in the "Atomic " or "Eames" era style which ever you prefer. I've seen it described both ways. It's actually very light and delicate and sharp metal ! Easily damaged or scratched. The face had a couple nicks on the black areas and numbers, but a Sanford marker touched it right up. The walnut rays were a little faded. So I removed them ,they actually unclip and slide off. A little "Old English" and a coat of carnauba wax and they glowed like new. The other amazing thing is the brass rays still had their protective film on them. So they are basically like new! I think the movement was replaced but with the original hands. It's a black quartz movement and runs on a "AA"battery. The Elgin ones were clear and ran on "C" batteries. No matter it looks amazing and I've seen this same clock selling on ebay from $90-$320. The higher figure is with a replaced movement too but I think this guy's on crack...lol. -Mike-

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Wow !! I did actually run across this auction yesterday . So I guess this is the real deal except mine has a different style face. I've seen 3 different styles could be more with the same case. The rest of the clock construction wise and movement wise is identical  around back. Mine is probably in better condition too it has no tarnish just a thin hair line scratch between the 2 and 3 were the hour hand must have bent and dragged. Not visible hanging on the wall.  Can't believe this ! Thanks  -Mike-

Is GW-Goodwill

 You are correct sir, it is "Goodwill" . Just my nick name for it. SA is Salvation Army. VA is Volunteers of America. All great places if you know what to look for. I've found amazing things at these places. Everything I list on "I Antique " came from one of these three. 

    Yes I understand Ebay can be misleading for values, but I usually average the prices from the other sites I've seen. I think this clock would probably sell for 60-100 in most cases. I bought it because I liked the retro style. Truthfully I thought it was rather flimsy until I saw the online ones. That's just how the were made. Reasonably priced home decor  for" back in the day". Thanks for the info. I do appreciate it.  -Mike-

Very nice indeed! One question though: As I understand it, the "quartz" movements were not around until the 1980's - have I got that wrong?

Also, I've sold quite a few of the old "starburst" style clocks in original condition via the estate's I was liquidating. All of them were electric with plug in wires??

So, is this original in that it's a newer clock or what? Confused here - LOL

BTW - we had NO internet for the last three days because WOW cable makes crummy boxes that break after a few months of use - then don't have "enough workers" to come and fix their crummy equiptment ( no doubt its' Made in China - PFFFFT!) needless to say, I'm trying to catch up today.

That's what threw me as well. I didn't think any battery driven movement would be vintage. I  looked at a lot of images and  I saw nothing but the battery driven movements. Elgin's were clear and ran on a "C" battery and had their gold label and name or they're using a black "AA" movement with a speed adjustment which is what mine has. The one in the auction that sold for $281.00 had the same movement as mine. The only difference is it had a white face but the exact same case. It's possible some were converted when the old ones failed, but didn't make a difference in the value. I still can't believe it but there it was on Ebay. -Mike-

The older battery movements in clear cases operating on C batteries were actually balance wheel (mechanical) movements powered or wound by the battery rather than a mainspring. I'm sure they date at least to the 1960s and so might have been the original movement for your clock. Other, similar clocks still had key-wound mainspring movements.

Thanks Jeremy for the info. That helps clear things up ! -Mike-


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