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Long case art deco clock runs on car battery - identify please, or any information.

Bought at general auction some years ago because I loved the elegant, simple art deco design.  Have been unable to find anything similar to this clock searching Google.  I'd love to know something about it.  Inside the case, at bottom is a special compartment to hold a car battery (I was told this) and the connector is there for this purpose.  Stands 175 cm high.  

The clock face does not appear to have any markings, nor does the case.  Two glass inserts in door for the clock face and to see pendulum.  Pendulum is silver metal.  

The last picture shows inside of door.

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It is probably some type of self-winding clock; that is, the battery periodically winds a small spring or weight attached to the movement that provides the power to keep the pendulum going. I doubt if it should be a car battery. Clocks like this often use 3 volts for the winding (two old-style dry cells).  I would guess from the case style it's English or German, rather than American. You might find the maker's name on the front or back of the movement. If you could remove the dial and photograph the movement, it might be possible to tell you who made it even if it isn't marked, and to confirm what type of mechanism it is.

Looking again more closely, the mechanism seen below the dial, next to the pendulum, may be a Hipp toggle device. As the pendulum swing slows, the toggle catches and closes a circuit which allows current to flow from the battery energizing an electromagnet which gives the pendulum a push. In this case, there is no small spring or weight to wind. A clearer picture would verify this, but it would also be good to see behind the dial.

Was able to use mobile phone camera to check back of clock face.  Engraved is Shim or Chim or some word like that.  Does this help? I think it is in right hand corner of 1st photo, upside down.  The 2nd  photo show behind the clock face.  The 3rd is working visible under clock face.  I have also found two clamps in floor of the case 25 amp.


I doubt if the writing means anything. I can't understand the pictures well enough--can't tell what's up or down or how it all fits together. You could try posting all the photos here, on a forum of the National Assoc. of Watch and Clock Collectors: http://mb.nawcc.org/forumdisplay.php?20-Electric-Horology

Perhaps somebody will recognize it. I think you have to register, but this part of the site is free for the public to use.

Thank you so much for your contribution,  I know a little more than I did before.  I'll follow your advice regarding the other website



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