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Lucky You! You have purchased an Antique Trunk, But What are some of the things that you must understand to get a valuable one.

Some people who collect trunks are often concerned about how to seperate the valuable trunks from The less than desireable collectiable ones.

Will you please outline some things that one should know about trunks before the puchase is made?

How do you determine the age of the trunk or its maker, etc?
Please include your experiences with making a choice between great and less than great trunks.

Should I reject those that Have been painted since it was made?

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I love old trunks and will store things in them before I will an old cardboard box.

If your looking to buy for monetary value only, do your research.

What to look for?
Where romance reigns supreme.

People buy the name!
Louis Vuitton Trunks

His Mark and history




Look for Quality:

Lock numbers
Seriel numbers
Gold monograms

Even stained ones can be worth big money


Look for rare material: Aligator,croc,snake skin. Unusual or rare woods.

There are collectors that buy old trunks merely because of all the travel stickers on them. Many have traveled the world over anad each tag or sticker represents those far and near places and times in history.
You certainly make sense! The link that you've provided says it all. keep up the great research work!
Oralie, what you have is a hump back or first class trunk, the first class designation is from going on the big ships, the hump backs were last to be put on as you can not stack any on top of and are the first to be unloaded as they are on top, so you could be the last to get there, and first to leave.

I think yours is from the 1880's or later I think the cast iron latches on the sides are marked and the flat plate center lock.

Great original condition, you could use some light brown or Tudor brown Briwax on the wood strips and they prob would look great.

does it have the tray in it or inside the lid is there glove boxes?

usually the first thing to go is the leather handles, dry rot. but they are replaceable. we carry them

Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
Oralei, I would say Crockygaiter, with the size of the marks on the trunk, tho probly man made material, maybe not. would have to do the touchy feely to tell. and the world travel stickers you were talking about a couple posts back they still make those,
Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
Okay Lucy, Craig's Home
Oh, Oh, My God, Bless You! Your trunk is a real Trunk, real in every way! I'm speechless. You should be very proud to have this trunk in your family.
Is it for sale?
I want you to see this video:

Oralei, I think I've just use the wrong reply window. My comments were intended to be directed to you in response to the great pictures that have been upload. Your sister-in-law's trunk is most beautiful.
Do you know the maker's name?
There are alot of good trunks out there. Between 50 and 100 dollars. And that would be in as found condition. As with anything else condition is key. I avoid buying a painted trunk.  They take alot more work to make them usable and more eye pleasing. Good trunks to buy, are old slat trunks with the boards being in a vertical position. There are wall trunks that you can put up against a wall and still open it without moving it. Of course there are finer trunks Louis vuitton and other french makers. There are hump backs They look great but you cant use them for a coffee table or stand. The more ornate brass locks with a name stamped on them tend to bring a little more. When I started messing with trunks. I found a trunk site Brettons village in main I think. They are on the net. also if you go to your local library there are trunk books you can find alot of usefull info. That said Im back to condition. Especially if your not handy and would have to pay alot to have it reconditioned.   Hope this helps.  Tom the new guy.


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