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I found this trunk in a storage auction. I tried to research this and saw "PAT. JUNE 26 1377". I came up with the following...


It is a 1875 antique Barrel Trunk with a Dome Top


Am I right?

What is the worth?


I think someone tried to "fix-it-yourself" and put a bright silver handle on one side and they put a huge screw through the back hinges with a block of wood attached. The lock apprears "broken in to." The leather handles are torn. The little compartment on the top of the box lid is still attached.

i have also attached more pictures


Is this beyond repair?


Thank you,




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seen lost worse brought back to life,
all things that are wrong are repairable
most just cut off the exterior canvas that is shot, strip the paper off of the inside,
put new leather handles on
put the correct nails in not the long screws,
bleach the wood and use soap and water,
sand the wood stain and varnish it, and it could be done,
or you could continue to paper the inside, make a tray for it
and have a great item done for to use.

Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware
trunk supplies
Thanks! I had lost hope for this trunk. I do not plan to use it but I do plan to sell it.
What is its worth?
I saw one like it on craigslist for $150
Hi Monica,
I can see you getting that amount from this piece. Even though it is in a little rough shape. Here is a couple of links that I found. (Not affiliated in no way)

Go to the "Buy" section and you shoulds see at least two of this type on that page with their asking price.

This one is just informative.

If we were local to each other I would have made you an offer. (Shipping can be pricey)
No its not beyond repair. The hide needs to be taken off. Remove the old wallpaper. Spray bottle with vinegar and water mix. Spray on let soak in and scrape off the old paper. You can buy Trunk handle kits Ebay. Also other parts like hinge stays nails tools ect. After the hide is gone. Sand area inside and out. I use minwax with stain for the outside. I tighten the hinges and try to get the lock workable. You can also buy trunk Keys on ebay. I use a black satin paint by hand all the metal. If you like a little added touch sometimes I will paint the hinges and other hardware with a brass colored paint. I then wallpaper the inside. I like to find old patterns at the flea markets. Then make a nice tray for the inside and stain to match the outside. And finally I laquer the entire outside with a good laquer. And Enjoy your new trunk.   Tom and Jody
Reconditioned, you can get 150 to 225 for it.  Tom


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