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I've purchased a new end cap for a trunk I'm refinishing. 

To make it match the other end caps, I sanded it down and soaked it in a solution of ammonia, peroxide and salt. Took it out if the solution and let it dry. Repeated this a bunch of times to get the look I need.

The problem is, it's looks pretty good until you touch it. Then the coloring comes off. Not completely but enough to not want to attach it. 

Anyone have a better way so the 'patina' doesn't come off?


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let it set around about 70-100 years always works:-)

depends on what color your trying to get, if it was a brass plated pc normal brass tarnisher won't work, if it is one of the steel pc silver colored some paint works or gun bluing or browning, then again it depends on the color you are trying to get


pictures always help


Pictures are not available just yet, but I looked into your recommendation and think I'll try the  Gun Browning. There's some on Amazon with free shipping.

The mixture I used works and maybe if I keep dipping and drying it will eventually harden on the end cap.

Thank you

Here the pic. The cap on the left is a new one. The one on the right is the same one but rusted. I'm trying to match the one on the trunk. I was trying not to use paint but the solution I used isn't getting darker, just more rustier.

I ordered the Gun Browning so I'll see what that brings.

Anyone try to do this before?


I can see nothing much happens around here.


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