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I won in online live auction, don't know anything about cameo's though

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What exactly is your question?

Just sharing, and would appreciate any thoughts, I did take it to a jeweler friend, who feels it is shell, I was skeptical when I got it in the mail

Personally I have never seen a "blue" shell cameo unless it was dyed of course. It's really hard to definitely say what material it is when not being able to touch it, feel its texture.

Tip: If you still have your own natural teeth, the "teeth test" can sometimes determine if it's shell or plastic. Shell feels smooth, moderately hard, not that cold to the teeth. Glass feels smooth, harder, colder to the touch. Plastic feels smooth also but softer and is warmer to the touch. Lava is a stone and feels colder, harder. There is also Wedgwood porcelain which of course is porcelain and feels like it. Weights: Lava and glass are heaviest, most dense, shell lighter and plastic usually lighter than that.

If I were you I'd go into an antiques mall and ask to see and especially hold in hand, touch and feel some of their cameos. Find out what they are made of to learn to recognize the feel of the various materials in your hand.

About your particular cameo ring, if I were to take a wild guess, from just the pictures:

It's a costume cameo, probably glass or plastic (or even glastique which is a compound of both) from the 1950s set in a standard issue classic/modern sterling setting.

There are still many sources of vintage jewelry components available at wholesale, especially from RI, MA, warehouses and occasional auctions. Cameos and ring shanks are plentiful there. I believe your ring was created by someone who bought vintage components and assembled them in rings, pendants, brooches, etc. I don't believe it's very old. "Old" by itself does not necessarily mean value as we well know. Old, rare and interesting = more valuable.

Here is an archived article of mine about one of the largest vintage costume jewelry and components warehouses in the U.S., still in operation and busier than ever:

The Biggest Costume Jewelry Warehouse in the Eastern U.S.

In this article there is a photo of a wall of cartons all containing various styles costume jewelry cameos and scenes. Anyone can buy as much as they like of them and set them in their choice of mountings. It's truly mindblowing!

If you still have your own teeth? Lol!!

Yes, Denise. The "teeth test" does not work with dentures. Only natural teeth can actually feel the difference in materials. But hands work just as well once we have taught the fingers the differences!

wow, thank you for the time, effort and wealth of info.


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