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Just joined your group today.  Would love to know how to re-enforce rhinestone jewelry.  I use rhinestone buttons, pins, brooches for re-purposed jewelry, but am having a hard time with stone losses.  Nothing worse than a missing stone out of a brooch.  Any hints would be appreciated.

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I agree that that is a problem. I used to sell a very strong clear cement that jewelry enthusiasts loved to use for repair and resetting of rhinestones. Regrettably the manufacturer of the BOND cement does not make it any more so I had to stop selling it. There is a very near copy of it available in hobby stores, E6000, but it's not as kind to stones as BOND used to be. A helpful video on U-tube makes some good points:


Here's what you probably know already but it's a reminder to other readers too:

ALL cements are toxic at different degrees. Unless you use them carefully, with plenty of ventilation, the fumes WILL make you sick. They will also make your children, dogs, cats and plants sick! So if possible be in a room with a window open and a fan directed toward it when you work with cements. If you can be on an open porch outdoors it's even better, just be sure that it's away from wind gusts and drafts or your little stones will take a hike.

Also, IF you work outdoors, without any protecting netting around your work area, be aware that birds and squirrels and  CATS love shiny things and will help themselves to your stones the minute you turn your back!  A friend of mine almost went out of her mind looking for an expensive rhinestone bracelet she had left for a minute on her porch while the cement dried after stone replacement. She found it THREE YEARS later, under an oak in her garden. It had apparently fallen out of a bird's nest above. The bracelet was then not very valuable any more, regrettably.

About cements in general: There is always a trade-off. Holding power v. being able to remove something that needs replacing.

I. e., so called crazie glues have extreme holding power and very seldom give way even if jewelry is accidentally in hard contact with floors, doors, walls, as bracelets and rings can be. However, should a stone crack, and the cracked shards are still in the setting, they are extremely difficult to remove. Not even acetone can get them out easily.

However, HYPO and E6000 cements, clear and easy to use, will hold stones securely under MOST circumstances. However, dropping jewelry on a hard floor, or a concrete sidewalk/driveway, WILL most likely loosen the stones, much to the chagrin of the wearer who is now chasing down the little glittery things and not always locating all that went astray.

Industrial adhesives have their uses in crafting jewelry, BUT, again, unless you know how to use them safely, they're very toxic and dangerous. There is a reason they're called INDUSTRIAL: They are designed to be used by professionals. So if you are interested in them for your projects, here is a fast rundown on what they are, and their general uses:


You may be able to buy them online.

Here's the decision I would make: For items to stay as they are, stationary on a shelf f. ex., and NOT worn on the body, I would use any good cement that would hold the pieces together. But should I want to replace something, maybe because I found something better or nicer to add to it, I CAN remove the components fairly easily with say acetone, or nail polish remover.

If something is to be worn, such a bracelet or ring, I would use the strongest adhesive possible to ensure that stones did not accidentally pop when worn normally with reasonable care.

Good luck!

Thank you for the information.  A lot of good info about adhesives, etc..  Now if I can find my purse, I'm on my way to Hobby Lobby!!!!!!!!!!  May I never be glue-ness again.

You're welcome. I used to restore costume jewelry and have a lot vintage stones still in stock. If you would like to see some write me from my website lizjewel (.com) I may even have a tube or two left of the Bond adhesive if interested.


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