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I recently purchased this set and want to sell it either on ebay or in my store at TIAS.  It is not signed and I wanted to see if anyone had ideas on who might have made it.  The set is massive and looks like runway jewelry to me.  There are all types of glass cabochons, some of which have foil inside, and rhinestones.  The bracelet is 2 inches wide, the brooch is 3-1/2 inches across and the clip earrings are 1-1/2 inches long.  It is in excellent condition with no flaws that I can find.  Any ideas on value or maker?


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Well it's absolutly gorgeous and I think I'd have a hard time parting with it, if it were me - LOL

The only thing that comes to mind is Juliana - a very good brand of vintage costume jewelry - go to illusionjewels.com and look through their research pics -it's a fabulous site for jewelry.

Good luck - Tell when you put it up! :)

vicki...thx for that illusionjewels.com site...that's cool!

I love this set...costume but designer style and perfect for upcoming spring colors~  

don't let it go too inexpensively!!!  the style, etc is unique....

good luck

I agree, it's very pretty.

My Mother told me that "safety chains" were put on up-scale jewelry,valuable in other words.

I had a gold tone bracelet, not marked.  I took it to a "We buy gold" dealer who proclaimed it to be 18k, and he paid me $850. for it!  The test is free!

I would suggest you do the same.


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