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Newbie here!

I inherited a large tin of buttons from my grandmother that date back to at least the 1950's.  In with the buttons was an interesting piece of costume jewelry.  I have no idea what it is or what was it's use.  (The buttons were equally interesting!)

It is a rectangluar pentagon shaped "thing" with two glass stones on either side and textures areas that give the impression of rhinestones.  It has a bar running across the back and a small loop on the bottom (at least that is my guess as to what is the top and what is the bottom) where something can be attached.  The back is marked 929-3.  It measures approximately 1  1/8" tall and 1 1/8" wide.

I know it is not silver but cannot determine the metal. I am thinking the 929-3 might have something to do with the metal.

I searched the Internet for hours trying to determine what this is but had no luck.  Grandmom is long gone so asking her is out of the question.  Even a search of 929-3 did not result in anything even remotely relate to jewelry.

I attached some photos but they do not give it justice.  It is whiter and brighter than the photos. 

I would appreciate any help in solving this mystery. 


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It is half of a belt buckle  it looks like it had rhinestones at one time.  

It's white pot metal.  


THANK YOU!  I thought that I signed up for e-mail alerts when someone replied but I never got one.  I decided to look around and saw that I had a reply - I was thrilled.

Now that you told me what it is and included the photo examplt, it makes sense!  For the life of me I could not imagine why there was a bar in the back and a place to attach someting on the bottom.  I might have the other half but this part was found in a large tin of buttons all by itself. I have a box full of her other sewing stuff, half-finished tattings, hand written directions and a lovely sewing cabinet full of thread, needles and miscellaneous sewing items.  This will keep me busy trying to figure out what everything else is and what it does/did! 

As a note, I also thought that there had been rhinestones but it is actually pot metal (now that I know what material it is!) "bumps".  They are raised and give off the same glow as a rhinestone but there are no holes.  (I needed the magnifying glass and my regular glasses to confirm that!)

I sincerely appreciate your time and reply.  It was a nice "welcome" to the group and to IAntiques.

Thanks again.  Have a happy and safe New Year.


Hi Lucy,  You're welcome.  It sounds like you have a lot of fun sewing items to look through.  I love these things.  

Happy New Year!   Donna 


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