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Hi All,

I picked up a small lot of brooches recently, and 3 of them I've found to be DeLizza & Elster designs by seeing them on the D&E education site http://www.julianajewelry.net/  

 but haven't found a match for the other 2 yet. I sent photos to the D&E site about a month ago, but haven't heard back from them either way, so I thought I'd give it a try here and see if anyone recognizes them.

I know they made some with an applied bar pinback, and not all of them had 'figure-8 puddling'; these are soldered without that pattern, and might be 'sleepers'. They show comparable quality of materials and construction, but I'm just not sure.

I'm including photos of one here, and then putting the other one in a separate post.




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Here is the other one. Gorgeous ice-blue crackle glass. The last photo shows a tiny blob of solder that looks like it rolled out of place and ended up between the back of the cab & the setting.

I will check my Juliana book, but the blue one appears to be a no..

Mr Delizza is no longer verifying for the owners of the site..as he is in ill health

Thanks Carolyn :0)

I just applied to the D&E yahoo group, and am waiting to see if I'm accepted. I read that Mr. DeLizza is an active member there.

Sad to hear he's not doing well. He seems to be a very nice man, and it's great that he helps out on different groups and sites. It keeps the family/company alive that way, and deservedly so.

The blue one looks Austrian/German to me. The other might be Juliana - similar of many I've seen - did you try Illusionjewels.com ? They have excellent refrence material.

Hi Vicki,

Yes, I checked the Illusions site, and lots of others. IllusionJewels is one that I recommend to everyone. I knew Dottie & Pat from years ago when we were in a yahoo group for jewelry makers. They've done so well with the site and I'm happy for them, and impressed because it takes a ton of work to keep up; it's a real labor of love.


I forgot to mention, the blue brooch is 2-1/8" wide, and the blue/pink one is 2-1/2".



I did find the same stone configuarion as your first  brooch ..in my book but it is in green, they do not show the pin back

So I can not say for sure

Thanks, Carolyn :o) I'll keep searching. Is it the 'Art of Juliana Jewelry' book?

Juliana Jewelry Reference ..Ann Pitman author


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