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 i am bidding on a watch and i want know more about it its a  gold-tone hinged bucherer on the face it says bucherer swiss on the back it says plaque org 20 microns has a synbol with a g inside and 1011 39 c-cr does anyone know anything about this watch please help

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I am not trying to rude..But my question would be..
Why are you bidding on something you know nothing about, research should be done before you place a bid
As for the watch..wish I could help, plaque means the gold plating is 20 microns thick, thats all I know
well its hard to do research when all the so called experts dont know anything and cant or wont help in answer to your question its a very pretty piece and i have tryed to do the research but no one knows anything so hard to do research like how many members in this group and only one answered ????
I typed your info about the watch into Google, this one way to find info if unknown..
From what I know it is gold plated, of good quality if working..
And is worth what you feel you would like to pay to own one.
(a ladies version is available for $10.00 on an Auction site.
You did not specify, ladies or mens
miss carolyn i thank you very much for doing that for me i spent half the nite looking sent emails looked at watches until im crossed eyed so i thank you
Hi ..No Problem,
I usually try too search google with the key topic words, usually something comes up
When I just searched for "gold tone boucherer hinged watch" I got 7 or 8 responses ranging in price from $55 to $1245. and a search for a hinged boucherer watch brought 1 response for $425.

You could have copied the photo on to your request and given a few more details from the ebay description, or at the very least listed the ebay item number.. If the seller didn't supply more than that then it is not likely to be a good deal at any price. Is is working, need restoration, battery or wind up, strap or bracelet or pocket watch,

Bucherer has a very good reputation and fairly expensive (not like Omega or Rolex but also not a Bulova or Citizen).
yes i should have but wasnt on ebay the watch sold for 250 dollars, i had been told byonline person watch was worth ten or tewnty dollars looked at many other style and they sold into the thousands one that got away lol
No matter where the picture is you can copy it by right clicking on the picture, copy to your computer picture file and then upload it here or wherever.
ok heres another watch can you help me with this went to google biing yahoo search says they are top of the line watches is a waltham goldtone quartz diamond watch on the back singaore waltham co base metal bezel walthram WQ928C8 it has 12 diamonds 1.5 mm around the face the band measures 6 1/4 by 19mm weight 20.6 grams mesh buckle band i think sent pictures what do you think is it old worth something or cheap waltham doesnt list prices thank you for talkng to me
actually I did not say it was worth 10 or 20 dollars..I stated that there was one on Ebay with an opening bid of 9.99, And suggested you research for others, through Google


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