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Amongst all the lingering jewlery items I still hold here trying to learn more about them is this old bracelet.   I thought I had found enough similar pieces to nail it down to Buda-Pest Austro-Hungarian era.   But as I persisted I admit the only place I find a PV listed is for Pavia in Italy!   Let's start by showing you the thing and if you might help .. truly appreciated once more.   Zeke

I know you will not be able to parse the marks .. but they are clearly to be this:

One oval has a PV in it.  The other a very clear A835, which I presume is the silver quality and perhaps a country or city letter.

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Here is some examples of PV 835....they ALL seem to be older than 1966 to me.  But, I did not find the description of the P standing for Pest, that I sa during my last search.

Molly.  Clearly this is the genre and period of my bracket.   In particular I note the mention of the detailed jump links, as in mine with the little pearly things on them!     Now, the Worthpoint description is a maybe to me.   The described didn’t really know either.   Not saying it is wrong or misleading, but it isn’t authorative citation.   I believe it but it wouldn’t hold up in court so to speak.  

The jury is out on the PV thing.  The A835 was obvious really, and I have acid tested it and would agree.  

Diid you happen to see this link I stuck into the discussion sort of out of order with the context?    If not, check this source out.    Thanks again.  As usual you get closest to the mark!   Zeke


Ah!   Missed it .. gone!

Image result for austro-hungarian PV 835 agate silver gold bracelet

I found the picture  :)

Hey thanks!  There are those shells too!   Nice.    I’m feeling OK calling it thus!   Zeke

I might add Molly … I was looking at this again .. I called it a bracelet.   It is 12 inch!  Be a real loose bracelet .. thinking it may be more of a 'choker' than a bracelet .. whadya think?

I would say, I HOPE it is not a bracelet!  Yes, definitely sounds more like a choker or necklace for a slight woman.


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