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Anyone have a favorite jewelry story to share,..We would love you to share it with us..

Here is Mine..My first major Jewelry Purchase...

In The late 1970's early 80's, My parents would set up at a flea
> market, in Ma.They had convinced me to do the same, I started to
> buy various items at yard sales, Mostly CJ and sell them at the
> fleamarket..One Sunday AM I decided to walk the market to see what
> I could find,(I Thought I was an Expert by Now), I came upon a
> table covered with the most interesting CJ items, I had ever
> seen.When I inquired of the price the woman told me $1 each or all
> for .50 each, She promptly told me she had acquired them from an
> old Theatre and believed they were from the 1920's..They were so
> interesting I bought them all, With No idea what they were. There
> was approx 85 pieces of Belts ,Necklaces ,Brooches, Bracelets, and
> Buckles, When I arrived home I started to look in my one and only
> jewelry book.(do not recall which one)..Well, I found a few
> examples of my mystery jewels, ...Egyptian Revival,
> Bakelite,-Celluloid -Brass -Faux Gems -molded glass Scarabs and
> Pharaoh's heads ,Ect..What a Collection, ...And ,No I did Not save
> a single Piece.

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Lucky you!! My first purchase was from an online auction and I have no clue why I was even watching. Several lots came up with a mish mash of jewelry all clumped together. I thought I couldn't go wrong. The boxes came...and I mean BIG boxes full of the most beautiful Victorian through Deco era jewels that one would not recognize as even being in the pictures. It literally took me days to go through the thousands of pieces! Here I thought I would be getting a Priority size box and was I ever surprised. I still have a few pieces left that are more for detash but what fun I had looking at each and every one. Haven't found another auction like that again...drat!
What a great story Carolyn! How long ago was this? Seems to be more difficult today to get a really good deal on any costume jewelry - Public is more educated I guess! My best find was just about a year ago. I bid on a big box lot of jewelry that did have a lot of junk in it on top, but I knew I had seen some pretty good pieces at the bottom, so I kept bidding, prepared to go up to $100. But Surprize! I got the whole mess for $35. Inside that big box was a tresure trove of all old costume and plenty of real gemstone jewelry - antique! I got a gigantic size aquamarine stone in 14K gold setting - Victorian, 3 Real Ruby rings - all in gold. One I still wear is a really rare Big Cabochon in white gold setting with Art Nouveau detail! Plus ton's of old Mexican sterling silver, Gold bracelets and necklaces, and great old cuff links, earrings and more! I am still selling stuff from that box, a year later! I sold one bakelight bracelet, soon after getting the box for $45. So, I paid for the lot with my first sale! Sure wish I could find another one of those!
I love the thrill after you have the box spread out all the floor, and picking out one piece after another, It does not happen often , but it is better than the lottery when it does!
I hope we get more stories, from others, this is exciting!!
How fun!!! I am not a big jewelry wearer, but do love to look at it. I have my Grandmother's engagement ring tucked away, that my Grandfather gave to me right before I married. He was living with us at the time and not doing very well. He passed about 2.5 years after that.

Otherwise, I went to my first Estate sale last summer and found a lot of fun pieces. Some I want to list, but some I want to keep, like a fantastic large abstract pendant. It was an elderly woman's house and an old man tried to sell himself to me;).
we would love to see a pic of your abstract pendant, or any of your other finds from the Estate sale..How much was the man asking for...Himself?..


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