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Hello all,

I was cleaning out my late father's attic and found 3 bottles that are interesting and  I believe pretty old because they are so heavy.  2 are clear glass and the same size at about 9.5 inches. They are shaped like pop bottles.   One says American Wet  and on the bottom it says OMAHA NEBR.   Has a 9 and a symbol and a 6. 


The other one says IDEAL Bottling CO   and on the bottom it says DES MOINES IA.  I have searched a little and nothing comes up about either of these.  Maybe they are not old at all but I feel they are.  I am just curious about them and thought maybe someone on here might know something about them or could point me in the right direction to research them. 

The  3rd bottle  is also clear  that has a much wider opening  at about 1 3/4 inches across and is shorter  at about 6 3/4 inches.  Also very heavy and it says BIRELEYS  BIRELEYS around the middle.  It  says 5 3/4 oz. and   near the bottom is says Hollywood  California  and on the bottom is says PAT  DES 26037  

I googled and checked ebay but found nothing.  I belong to several groups here and thought  there must be a bottle group!   Thanks.  in advance. If anyone wants to see them I can post pictures a little later.  Again, just hoping to find out where to research them. 

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hi would be better if you added pics - use the button on the tool bar above after the link one, try look through these and see - Rick is also pretty clued up



Thanks Kathy,  I will post a few pictures and thanks for the addys.  Took a nasty fall after posting my question and just able to sit in a chair.  Dang Ice!  not sure if I post them in this reply or under my post.  I will figure it out.  Been a while since I have posted pictures.

Sorry the pictures aren't better but I just could not get them any better.  The first 3 are the Ideal bottle, the middle one is the Bireleys bottle and I could not get a good picture of the bottom but it says PAT DES  Maybe a 9 or an S and then 6037 .   It also looks like on the other side there is a  HP and the 18 and a symbol and an 0  but not sure.  I will check out those sites you sent me and thanks so much!   Shari

im not really shure but i believe the american wet its an early nebraska soda pop bottle,really rare


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