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Hi I have 2 Terri Lee Dolls, the seem to be of original compo. both ave pat pending on back. i also have one aout ift taged terri lee and some jerry lee items, a person thought the doll with the short ( cut hair) was jerry lee, but i think both are terri lee, anyway my question is are the vintage dolls, also i have a onther doll a baby doll can you tell me what the baby doll it thanks cathy

see photos

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more photos
the baby doll
The short hair Terry Lee is Jerry Lee.The baby doll looks like compo Bye Lo Baby. Is there any marks on the doll.?
Very cutie dolls Mariam
Hi yes the baby-lo onthe back says grace story, the babyis 12inces long clothe body brown sleepy eyes can you give me anymore info on this like the going price thanks cathy
Hi thanks for your help. the baby doll has no marks, and how much are the lee dolls worth the terri lee has some damage to the ears on both, the jerry lee is in good shape, the jerry lee has some jerry lee items, that say jerry lee. and can you tell me how old they might be, thanks cathy
Your dolls are cute! You have a Terri Lee, Jerri Lee and a composition Bye Lo baby. Are you sure that the Lee dolls are compo? It is much more common for them to be a really heavy hard plastic. The compo ones were made for less than one year and are pretty rare. Do you know if any of the clothing is original? Sometimes they are tagged.
If you'd like mor info on the Terri Lee dolls there is a great book "Terri Lee Dolls Identification and Price Guide" by Peggy Wiedman Casper.
I am attaching some pics of my Terri Lee. She has a replaced wig, but has original clothing and some extra original clothes.
Your composition Bye Lo Baby was made by Cameo Doll Co. They made a lot of great compo dolls. The scuplt for this doll was the first realistic baby doll and was a best seller. It was sculpted by Grace Storey Putnam. It was made in bisque as well and in a lot of different sizes in the bisque. The compo version was made in 1924.
Hi and thanks, the Terri lee dolls are what from i can tell early compo. I think they may have been one of the first ones made for sale. as you see my member photo is a terri lee and it was hard plastic, the ones have now are a different matrial. now for the clothes the item the Terri lee has one is tagged, the Jerry lee has a gun holder and belt that say Jerry Lee, there are other clothing that is not Tagged like coveralls but most of the clothes are for the Terri lee not the jerry lee., thanks for all your help
Your dolls are quite a find! Those compos are relatively rare so take good care of them. I would imagine the Jerry Lee to be quite hard to find especially with the little gun holder (how cute is that!).


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