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if anyone has any information on this doll i would so much appreciate it. my kids are so freaked out by her that she has sat in a box in my cabinet for years. the kids think her eyes follow and watch them. i think she is wonderful. used to sit on a shelf in my livingroom. got her many years ago from an aunt. i love her. maybe if i can tell my kids and now grandkids a little about her i can again display her. if anyone can tell me where she came from, what she is worth? who she is i would be very grateful. you can ask questions or comment to my e mail at rachel.curry@xplornet.com or post here as well. thank you thank you. please help bring her out of the box.

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What does it say on the back of her neck? Thought I saw something? M?
there might have been something but nothing you can see now. will look again closer with a mag glass when i get home tonight. thanks you so much for your reply.
Do you know if your doll has been repainted in the past? This type of doll is known as a carnival doll. They were given out as prizes at carnivals. If she is marked I can help you track down a maker.


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