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my brother gave me this doll that him and his wife inherited when my mom passed away and there are no tags or artist stamp on it. I think the head, arms and chest is wood, the rest is cloth. He didnt take proper care of it, the hair is coming out of its braid and paint is chipping from her eyes and neck. The dress is stain and has a few holes in it. I dont know if at on time she had a necklace or the collar of the dress was glued to the neck. She reminds me of the ragtime era. Can I have it restored and is it going to cost me a fortune? who is the maker and when was she made? What is the value before and after restoration. thx

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Hi Becky, Your doll appears to be a French Fashion doll type. Some of which are VERY valuable!

If you look on the back of her neck you should find some marks or numbers. Then do a goggle or other search to find "Antique French Doll makers" That should get you somewhere.

It is a shame her clothing are in such poor condition, as that would have increased her value by quite a bit.

She is still a beauty, and her face/Body look to be ok, condition wise. I think it's possible to clean her mohair wig, very carefully, and it to should be ok to!.

Good Luck!

thank you very much. If there is marks or numbers on her neck they are worn off. I love to research all my collectibles on the internet but there are certain items that I need a headstart. Tom has been a great help in the past, I have 2 paintings that he helped me find the artist and I actually talked to her on the phone she had only done 6 painting back in the 60's and she couldnt believe that the paintings that were in her parents house in Oklahoma had actually made to Omaha, Ne. I tell a lot of ppl about this website. thanks again i cant wait to get started.

Your most welcome Becky! But, if there are NO markings or numbers, she is not what I thought she was.

Tell me, is her face, arms and hands( probably also), made of Composition, as opposed to Porcelain?

If your not familiar with composition baby dolls, think "Paper mache" I've now changed my mind, and think your doll is NOT French, but US, Art Deco era ( 1920's - 30's) Composition. These dolls too, can be quite valuable.

Some are even called "Smokers" - as they had open mouths and usually featured the accessories of a  "fancy cigarette in holder" that went with them. These were made for young Adult ladies, NOT for children. For obvious reasons, lol

Lets try this, they are commonly called "Boudoir Dolls" Here is a page for one: http://lencidoll.hubpages.com/hub/1920boudoirdolls

And from ebay, this link should help you to value your doll. Again, it is a shame her clothing is not intact, as that would have made a big difference, price wise.  However, you might be able to find authentic clothing to put on your doll on ebay or etsy or other online sites. That would be a vast improvement, and also preserve her for the future. Still a very fine inheritance from your family! :)

Link: http://www.ebay.tv/sch/Dolls-Bears-/237/i.html?_sop=12&_nkw=192...

These dolls were also known as bed dolls.  Head and hands made of composition and cloth body popular in the 1920's.  She was made in America.  Not a French Doll.

i  looked up french bed dolls and seen a doll a lot like mine. the eyelashes were real on top but painted on the bottom. has the marilynn monroe mole on her face. the lips and nostrils are painted the same. I'll send better pics tomorrow

Here are pics. It looks like wood to me. It feels like there could have been a name on her neck but it's wore down.


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