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I am not a doll collector, but I was at an auction and a box of 3 antique dolls came up. They were quite sweet looking, although have had a rough life, but I bought the box.
I know nothing about dolls but will attach a few pictures of the 1st, and describe her the best I can and hopefully I will be able to learn the history of each.Her face, neck & lower arms are porcelain(?) The face has quite a few lines through it. The legs& torso feel like they are stuffed with straw.
She measures 16-1/2" high and has beautiful blue eyes. (Possibly they are tin). She is marked on her lower neck. Hard to make out but it appears that above the diamond shape is: U S

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi, I belive that mark says "Ideal" as in Ideal toy company. You really should post this to the doll collector group, you should have much better luck, there is also a wonderful free site which shows all the different dolls from many time periods.
There are many other good doll sites out there too, but here is the link to this one:
Your doll is an Ideal doll with the first markings they used. In the midle of the triangle it says Ideal and around it means US Of A. I would say she is from the 1920's or 30's. She is not made of porcelain, but made of composition. Composition is a material used for doll bodies, consiting of such items as wood pulp, glue, sawdust and other subtances. Since compo dolls are of a wood material, many thru the years get crazing and cracks from being old, and being affected by heat, dampness, humidity, etc. That is why your doll is in only fair condtion, with her cracks and crazing. She has a shoulder plate head. I cannot tell if she is a Mama doll, many were with a round mechinism in their chest area and would make a sound when moved that was supposed to sound like Mama. Your doll from that era would have either a mohair or human hair wig. To me it looks like mohair, but sometimes is hard to tell from a picture. Mohair wigs are hard to clean and fix up to look better. Her dress looks old, it could be her original dress.I love it, it is very pretty. I do not know her name though, Ideal made so many dolls, they do not have pictures of all their dolls in their identification books. You are right that her eyes may be tin. Many glass eye dolls thru the years have crackled eyes, but the tin ones did not do that.I love her pretty smile. If you do not know how to clean old dolls, or do their hair, or wash their clothes to get stains out, I would just leave her as is.Sometimes you can take an old dress and soak it in Oxyclean and it gets the stains out very well. Some old fabrics are very old and fragile and might fall apart if you wash them. If you wash the dress do it at your own risk. You can look up on the interent how to clean up old dolls. It is very expensive to restore composition dolls,they have to have all their paint sanded off and wood pulp put in to fill in the cracks, and air brushed to be painted, a very lot of work goes into restoring these type of dolls. I would only have that done if she was a very valuble or well known doll. Of course Ideals most famous doll was their Shirley Temple dolls, they had the exculsive rights to make them. I would love to see pictures of the other two dolls. Since your doll is only if fair conditon I would say her value is from about $35 to $50 dollars. I am a Certified doll appraiser, my web site is


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