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I just couldn't pass it up...I don't know why I even looked at it; I advise people all the time to not buy stuff they know nothing about, but geeze it was only $ 20.00 and included all (32 pcs) the furniture.   So I bought it.

It's huge too, 45.5 inches long, 18 inches tall (2 story), has 3 bedrooms, 3 fireplaces. Kit, Bath, Family Room, Recr. Room. Metal. Well built, no name on it (think it's Marx,not sure). House style is white brick, wood shingles (all litho).

Furniture is plastic, maybe celluloid or bakelite (haven't tested it yet); it is from the 1960s.  Some makers are: Plasco, Superior, Marx, HongKong,Renwal, LC. Some of the pcs have old price tags of $3.00 (each) on them.

Empty tabs on roof indicate something is missing,maybe a weathervane or bird house.   Also above front door, probably a porch roof. Don't know, not essential pieces.

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I forgot to mention there is a DC lightbulb in the ceiling of the kitchen. Battery in bathroom activates. Needs new battery.

It does really look similar to the Marx dollhouses.  I had one in my shop a while back that had a Disney themed room by Marx.  Could the missing part on the top be a chimney?  I think that mine had one.  The one I had did not light up. 

Ver nice pickup at only $20!!


I know it's been a while since you posted about this house and that you may not even have it now, but wanted to throw in some information about it.  This is the Marxie Mansion with Florida Room (Yes, it is a Marx).  The first production run was in '61.  The scale is 3/4, and you have a nice variety, with the Plasco and Renwal being the oldest from the '40s.  A good spot to check on type of furniture, as far as the Marx pieces go, is  http://www.barbigirl.com/styles.htm as it came in several styles/sizes.  The slots in the roof are for a chimney and a cupola with weather vane (above rec room).  From time to time a chimney pops up for sale, but the cupola is harder to find.  The last vane I saw for sale went for over $300 (!!!).  I know who bought it--it wasn't me! Yes, there is a front porch that fits on the front.  It was available in green or white, depending on year manufactured.  Does your house have stairs, clip on curtain holders, or clip on window boxes with flowers?  These are items that seem to vanish over the years as well.


If your Florida Room has the plastic windows in good condition, you have a bonanza:  maybe $125.00 at the very low end, possibly higher depending on the buyer (as we all know).  The fact that the electrics still function will be a key selling feature--if you decide to sell.  :)  Do NOT take the chance and store a battery in place though; when batteries goes bad it is tough to repair the damage. 


Best wishes!

Hey.  Guess I ought to check on my posts a little more frequently.  Thanks to both of you for your information.

Yes, I still own it.  Yes the Florida Room has plastic windows in VG condition.  No curtain clips, no stairs, no front porch, no cupola, and yes it's a chimney that is missing.

I tested the electric light with a new battery; works fine.

Damage?  I just noticed a hole in the roof of the Florida room...looks like a bullet hole maybe, about 3/8 inch diameter...

Now that I know the name, I found some pics of a "complete" house.  Notice the front porch, the flower boxes and window awnings. This IS NOT my house.

It also had 4 Caco (Germany) dolls, 2 adults and 2 kids. Same as in link picture.



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