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I have a pheasant vase that I bought off of Ebay and I think it is quite old. I can find no information about the maker or how old it is. I just started to collect pottery and therefore have no real experience, but my gut tells me this is very old. I was thinking it was french or perhaps English. The top of the vase has vines and leaves (the brown from the vines is barely visible now as is the green on the leaves). It has a beautiful pheasant on the front (tail looks like it is losing it's color but the rest is very brightly colored). Any information specific about age, maker and approximate value would be wonderful! I've attached images I think will help. Since the picture of the bottom doesn't do it justice, I've attached an image of the "maker mark" that I drew to show what it looks like. There is also a "7337" on the bottom, 15 incised as well and a blue ".5" painted on the bottom. Thanks! Oh, since I can only upload one image, I've attached the rest via online links. (bottom) (front, closer) (pheasant up close) (back) (my interpretation of maker mark)

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I should mention I bought this from the US so I don't know if it is from the US or not :)

This is lovely, I believe the bottom is marked USA. I wish I had more information for you.


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