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What You Need To Consider When Renting An Antique Booth

By C. Dianne Zweig

Editor of I Antique

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I would like to add a thought here. If you have the option of a booth with electricity, or a booth without, take the one that has electricity! I have begun to specialize in lamps, and find that they sell a lot better when they are plugged in and lit up. One of the shops I'm in has an outlet in almost every booth, but very few dealers use them, even when they have lamps to sell. Having more light really draws attention. I've also found that in the other shop I'm in, where electricity is not available, the lamps don't sell very well.

I agree. Not only does it help sell the lamp, but it makes your whole booth look warmer and cozier! Some customers can't picture what they would do with some items, so you have to show them in a  warm inviting home display - not just layting on a shelf.

Thanks for pointing out this important consideration.


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