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There are many places to pick in Wisconsin. You needn't have to go far, and you'll find a treasure trove of just about anything you can think of. For example, I just did a pick, and came home with several old lightning rods with light blue colored glass balls. I also got some other balls in different colors as well. Then at the same place there was a shed full of antique snowmobiles. Most were all complete and the motors turned over. The people wanted them out, as they were moving, so I got them all... All 250 of them. Some other items were old school busses full of old car parts. Got the buses and all. I did also find two floor model wind up phonographs. Both are in good shape, one may have a broken spring, and the other works fine. Got some old advertising signs as well. By the end of the day, I had a truck full. I am not even sure what all is in my pick, as I havn't gone through all of it yet. All this, and I had to go only 1 mile down the road from me.

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wow, dan. i am shocked. are the pickins that easy or are you just good at it?
i have friends in milwaukee, and the antique prices there are high. are you close to a city?
Hi Valerie, well to be honest with you, I am kinda shocked myself. Espically after having gone through everything to see just exactly what I all got, cause there were boxes and boxes of stuff, which I wasn't going to sit and look through at the other person's place. Just scanned the boxes real quick as I went. It probably didn't hurt, that they were going to be moving, and didn't want to take the stuff with them, either. I didn't figure on getting too much at first, as they were both kinda high on the prices... (at least in my opnion, anyway). But, after I broke the ice, so to speak, with the first pick, then prices came down quite a bit. They were way more willing to let things go reasonably after that. (I suppose they figured that I was going to try and scam them out of everything for little or no money, well I don't work that way. I let them tell me what they want, and then go from there. if I think it is too much, I will just pass on the item. I am not one of those who'll stand there and say, you'll never get that, or that is waaay too much. Generally, we both can come to a fair price, that we are both happy with. To me, that is what matters most... As long as everyone is happy. So, to answer your question, this time I was lucky. Next time might be different. That is another thing... I don't go in with the attitude, that I am going to get something everytime. If i do, well them fine. If I don't well then I don't. There will always be a next time. I wouldn't say I am good at it, however, my grandfather used to picking, before it was actually popular. He was doing it, already in the 1900's, and he continued to do it, till about the early 1970's. His kids also did it after him as well, and now I do it. My dad and his sister used to go to the town dumps and find all kinds of good stuff. People would take whole cars and just park them there and leave them. I heard lots of stories about what they used to find. I would have liked to have been there myself. There are a few old town dumps still around, but no longer used, and i have found some very old bottles there. Old milk bottles that you can still read the names of, old beer bottles, that had the name engraved right into the glass, old soda pop bottles, from the area... I even found one that was still capped up, and I think the flavor was probably orange, however i was not about to try it. On the bottle it says Tomah Bottling Works Tomah, Wisconsin. I have found good and usable old fruit jars, just clean them up and they are usable, Actually, where I live, is a very small town. Called City Point. One bar, one church, and some houses that is all. City Point used to be bigger back in the 1800's when logging was big here. At that time, City Point had two bars, two hotels, a rail road depot, school, and many many more houses. But when the logging died out, the people left, leaving City Point to what it is today. In the 1800's there were all kinds of small towns in the area... Mostly logging towns, where there was a sawmill. I have found most of these old towns, and walked through them, to see what is left. Most of the sawmill towns were gone by about 1895. But you can see where houses where, you can also tell where the saw mill was, and once in a while I'll find something from the town, like piece of one of the wood stoves from one of the houses, I just found all of the boiler plates from the boiler at the saw mill, so I lugged them home. Its all history. I also walk the old rail road grades that were used to haul logs out of the woods to the saw mills. To think men made those grades all by hand, is something. While walking one of the grades, I did find a section of rail that had been bent into a u-shape and I could also tell that it had been in a fire, sometime ago. Well, what happened was that the logging train had derailed, and that is what had bent the rail so bad. As for the fire, there was a fire that had gone through that particular area in the 1930's, so that explaines that. So, that rail had laid there, from 1895, till the 1930's and gone through the fire, and still was there when I found it, about a week ago. But back to the city... The nearest city to me that is anything is Wisconsin Rapids, which is about 35 miles from me. There is also Marshfield Wisconsin, which is about the same distance as well. The antique shops in Marshfield, Wisconsin aren't too bad I don't think. For example a two man cross cut saw sells for about $75. That is for one in good shape with both of the handles. However there are items I think are way out of line, but that is my opnion. So, I hope i have not bored you too much. It was nice talking to you, and feel free to write anytime you want. Hope to hear from you again, soon. Dan.
Very interesting Dan.  Its been years since I have done raw picking. I am also in Wisconsin, a bit south of you. Now I stick to church sales, yard sales, and sometimes estate sales but that depends upon who is selling. I like auctions but its hard to wait all day for some things to be offered up. I'd rather be active, look, make my offer and move on.  There is plenty to be had in this state but prices are so varied.  That is what keeps it fun.
wow! sounds like you struck "Gold"!!!!! Good for you!

Anyone interested in starting a group about antiquing in  Wisconsin or an area of Wisconsin.


That's unreal, you guy's seem to have ton's of acres to store this kewl stuff!!!


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