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Thank you for letting me join and thanks Vicki for again assisting me in finding the right section to get the best results :) You rock.

Here is my piece that I need help figuring out what, where, how long ago...all the obvious curious questions one has when finding such an awesome relic that they know nothing about :)

If anyone has any thoughts, or by some miracle a fact or two I can work with I would make employee of the month! (not really but I can dream right? LOL)

It's definitely interesting to say the least...all I have is that it was purchased at an auction. :/

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Not knowing the size, this is my best guess....first of all it might be European because a lot of these highly carved pieces often originate there. I think it could be a backboard for ladles & utensils that would have hung from a rod that would have been attached where you see the holes with a drip pan type of thingy at the bottom attached where you see the holes at the base. Again this is just my best guess because if it is small then this is not what it is. Hope this helps out - & hope I'm right LOL.

It is a puzzle isn't it? Thanks Deanna for your opinion! I guessed "Cabbage Cutter" lol

the other members thought maybe something for a Church? Could be most anything I suppose, and I think Char said - it's kinda big, ( in her whadja find post) like 4' tall? Can't remember?

its as tall as me at least 5'7. maybe a lil shorter.

Then it is not what I was just saying it was. This is a huge mystery for sure.

Ok when dealing with something this old, no history info, not even an idea what it maybe...what would be a good fair starting point for pricing? Thats the hard part lol

It absolutely is hard - i often hang onto things like this & hope i run onto something similar or someone who might know.

yes me too...but this piece is my bosses at the shop i work at. he had a $450 tag on it before asking me to list it. maybe ill just start there lol...:)

Thanks hun


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