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Children had toys to amuse them, albeit not nearly like today, during early periods of history.  The simplistic toys that captured the child's attention and amused them for hours would hardly seem possible today to hold a child's attention for long, but they did.  One such popular toy was marbles, and the earliest clay marbles were fashioned from clay and were cherished by children as they played the game of marbles.  Below you will see a group of early clay marbles in a variety of colors.  This group includes a larger 2mm shooter marble along with smaller varieties.  Currently for sale at the Vintage Touch ecrater online store at:

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Here is a photo of my farm display.  Barnyard animals & farm toys work very well with your primitives.  You can make an elaborate display or just use a couple of animals to stand alone....either way, nothing say primitive like barnyard animals.

Included in primitive toys is hard to find children's toy furniture.  This little doll chest with original salmon colored paint is an example of mid 19th century toy doll furniture.  A sweet piece.  To view & details click on:

Another primitive toy is this early doll cradle.  Included is a cute little vintage patchwork crochet coverlet.  For details & shipping information click on: Primitive Cradle


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