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Hardly anything says primitive quite like early painted furniture of all kinds.  Having an early cabinet or other painted piece along with your antiques, cements the primitive look and transfers you to another place & time.  You can add painted pieces in a variety of ways, from large step back cupboards to small painted shelfs & cabinets or an early Windsor chair in a corner of the room.  A simple addition of an early painted piece makes all the difference.  The colors that were generally chosen to paint furniture as well as firkins, pantry boxes, foot stools etc, are: mustard, blue, red, bittersweet, green, white, and black.  I'm sure there are other colors but these would be the easiest to find.  Below is an example of a nice green painted cupboard that I recently sold in the Vintage Touch shop space in Antique Crossroads, Hagerstown, MD.  Won't you join in and show the group of photo of your painted primitive?  Thanks.  This item has been SOLD.

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Hi Deanna,

I have a couple of painted pieces I would like to post. How do you post pictures so that show right away instead of clicking on a link?



Gonna try this and see if it works. This is one of my own Pa. Red Painted corner cupboard. I have had it for years and it still is in mint condition. I believe it dates to somewhere around 1850. I don't know but you get a warm feeling with painted pieces. If this works, I have a couple of other things I can show you.


Hi Ralph....to add a photo that shows up without a link....click on the little image box in the tool bar beside the one that says: LINK....Then you can upload your photo direct.  I usually have to remove the #s in the pixel size box after the upload or otherwise the photo might appear distorted.  I hope this is not too confusing....once you do it, you will probably see what I mean.  Thanks for sharing.  Deanna
Okay, Lets try it and see if it works. Pa. Red Painted Jelly cupboard.
Hey Deanna, it worked!!! Thanks. I love painted furniture  but it so hard to find nice stuff anymore. Almost all of my things I have owned for a bunch of years. This is one of my very favorite pices. It's a Pa. Red Painted Pewter cupboard.

Hey Deanna,

I guess nobody else has any painted furniture they want to share. It seems to me most of the stuff you see on this site is newer stuff from the 40's and 50's. Is there a site that likes older things that you know of? Do you have a shop or are you in a mall?


Those are beautiful pieces of furniture Ralph and they are filled with treasures too.  Thanks for sharing. 
Thanks Deanna. I'v been collecting for the last 45 years and have had a shop for the last 18. That's the great part of being a dealer----you get to keep some of the good stuff. Just getting so hard to find good old antiques anymore. I guess it will soon be time for me to pass my stuff on to the next generation. What's your favorite piece in your collection?
Ralph I have so many collections, it is really hard to pin point one as a favorite.  I love my early straw stuffed mohair bears, and early toys, but I also love my pottery, kitchen stuff and the list goes on and on.  My heart lies with primitives & folk art pieces so anything that goes with them, looks like them or has that wonderful character wear wins my heart.  I'm also a dealer and it is really tough to not fall in love with the inventory.....it happens.  LOL. 

The above painted cabinet has been sold.

Among primitive painted furniture is also hard to find children's toy furniture.  This sweet piece in original salmon colored paint has 4 open/close drawers.  Great little piece from the mid 19th century.  Details on this piece is at: http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/photo/primitive-toy-doll-dresser-w-o...


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