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For me there is an 'ahhh' factor when I see an early well loved book or charming school book.  The McGuffey's Reader is one such textbook that evokes that very sentiment.  The McGuffey's Reader is one of the best known school books in American history.  They began to be used in 1836 and are actually still in use in some school sytems even today.  When you see the country charm that these early books have, you realize these books go right along with your other primitives.  In the photo below, you will not only see McGuffey's Readers (First through Fifth) but also a cloth covered school book (a common practice to protect a cherished book), small books with marbelized covers from the 19th century, a stack of little size books, cherished and repaired, and an early Appleton school book.  Do you like early school books?  If you have any to share please do.....we will be delighted to see yours.  If you have any for sale, please feel free to add a link. 

Below is a link to some VINTAGE school books that are currently for sale in the Vintage Touch eCrater online store.  Among this selection is a 1920s McGuffey's Reader in very good condition.


I also have a selection of early children's storybooks along with some early school books listed at my IAO web page.  The link to view these books is:


To view a 19th century McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader for sale click on:


Thank you for your interest!

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Best Stories National Life - A Third Reader

The Child's Own Way Series

By Marjorie Hardy, a Primary Teacher @ Univ of Chicago Elementary School

Wheeler Publishing Co, 1927

Contents: A Happy Family of Today, A Happy Family of Long Ago, Travel and Communication, Stories of Industry. 282 pages of fantastic reading of the times. Cover has molded, but the shadow of a person against a full yellow moon can be seen. Some pictures inside are in vivid color! Any writing is in pencil (seen in only two places), the binding is in very nice condition as is the inside of the book....the outside appears to be square but aged (as is expected).

Link to view/purchase: http://elisia.ecrater.com/p/2004286
Thank you Meryl for submitting your example of an early school book....I think an old school book displayed in a primitive setting is a must....so even if you only collect them to decorate....the worn early appearance just adds a finishing touch!. 
This is a classic that was used in schools but they have banned copies because of the use of the "n" word, which this one still contains. I do not know if this counts as a vintage copy or not but if interested, will sell. Make an offer.
Mark Twain was always an exciting story to read.  Loaded with very simplistic charm of life during 'not so high tech' times.  Thank you for sharing. 

Currently I have for sale in my B&M antique shop an early McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader. For details and purchase information please click on: http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/photo/c1879-mcguffeys-third-eclectic...


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