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Decoration was not much of a consideration before the late 19th century, but artistic expression is still evident in the beautifully constructed things of this period.  Stoneware crocks are highly prized for their beautiful decoration and some very sought after pieces have beautiful elaborate decoration.  The collection below contains some of the pieces that I keep on display and I just love the beauty of them when grouped together.  I occasionally get a cobalt decorated crock for sale but right now all my stoneware crocks for sale are mostly plain colored varieties.  These early crocks were very useful vessels that were used to hold oils and food stuffs and were designed for hard use.  If you have any crocks or stoneware to share, we would love to see them.



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This is a reproduction nesting bowl crock produced for Ace Hardware - Chicago. I had three nesting bowls all of which cost less than &25.00 when on the market - my husbans's family oqned one of the first Ace Hardwares in Chicago - While these conceivably been made in the late 19th century - an image of the ware would confirm as well as the actually side. If the image of the crocks in the first pic - actually show age - please take a closer look at this crock - and I think you will understand why I believe it is a repro.


Hi Bev and thanks for your input...I however do not see any image.....could you please check....if uploading an image, click on the little 'image' icon in the toolbar of the reply box. Would love to see your crock.   

Hi Deanna,

I love your collection of crocks,very nice!

Thank you Joli....if you have any stoneware to share...please do.  Sending a message to all members for their input. 
Thanks - we really love old crocks, especially cobalt decorated ones.

I've lugged these "tumblers" around for 8-9 years. Tried selling them on eBay twice for $4.99 bids.

Thursday night I went to a Rockhound Meeting and the speaker had one just like mine. She said it was a crucible used in smelting ores.  The ironstone withstands extremely high temperatures (to 3,000 degrees F) and the ore is roasted inside the crucible. I found a video feed on-line showing its' use.

I also discovered that my eight (8) crucibles are 150+ years old and worth around $169.00 EACH.

Education sure is nice,but sometimes it makes me feel so DUMB!

Just in case you have some misplaced crucibles (they look like tumblers) here is a picture of 1.This Crucible holds about 6 ounces; stands 3-3/4 inches.

Below is one of the crocks, close up and personal.  For more information click on:

Thanks Tracy - this piece use to be in my personal collection, but I replaced it with another & now this one has been sold.


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