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I have this vintage bowl that came out of my 1950's guest cottage that is marked "cott" and Korea on the back with a sort of broken crown logo. There is nothing online using these search words.I'm guessing it's 1960's - maybe 1970's. Anyone know about this bowl? Ceramic dinnerware made in Korea?

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Ellene, I didn't even know the Koreans exported any dinnerware. To my knowledge, I've never run across any before. And it's pretty, too!
And I suppose you've already tried Replacements?
Actually, I realized the name on the logo is 'coit. not 'cott.' That should help - but it hasn't yet! :) I found a few manufacturers in South Korea including Seokchon Ceramics Co., Ltd. And I did check Replacements too.

It is so pretty! Would go well with today's decorating colors.


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