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Meissen marks, imitations and fakes

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This IS NOT a mark of the Royal (later State) Porcelain Manufactory Meissen whose legendary quality wares span three centuries and can bring small fortunes at auction. This mark belongs to the Meissen Oven and Porcelain Manufactory formerly Carl Teichert and was in use from December 1882-December 1929. They produced everyday household items. I cannot tell you how often I see objects bearing this mark sold as “Meissen” on the Internet. The height of brinksmanship, however, was when one seller identified this mark as “the older Meissen mark”(!).
HI, I read last year that Meissen never had a copyright on the crossed swords until about 1890 something.
That's interesting to know. Does anyone have any idea if a copyright expires like a patent does?
I believe copyrights expire just like patents do. DH is in the patent business, I'll ask him later.
Hi Margo,
Did you ever find out the answer to this question?
Thank you,
Thank you for your input, it helps a lot of us who are also struggling to get info!

I have 2 figurines that also have the crossed swords, but I cannot get it identified.
Hello Louise,

I missed this final post somehow. I'm not sure if you found your answer or not. I did some digging and found your answer.

These are by Martha Budich who started her business in 1951 and retired in 1977.
In 1963 she had to change her crossed swords pottery mark due to legal rows with Meissen.

The encyclopedias never overlook a big name, it was a small lesser known maker.

Here is a link to the information; Be sure and scroll to the bottom.



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