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Can anyone help with id'ing this mark... I believe this is a creamware basketweave reticulated plate which may be from the 18th century.   I believe Wedgwood had a very similar plate.   There is an x in the center of the plate on the top and is missing most all of its gilt.  What I can best make out are the letters DD H P N.

Thanks so much!  Michelle

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It's a Vienna shield mark.  However, it's probably a German version.  Here's some more info...

I have found a very similar, if not identical except for size, plate on ebay

which is described as being Neal & Co.    There appears to be letters on

mine also which could be H P and N on the bottom.   Does this lend to your


Thanks for your kind help.


This is Neal & Co in England--your piece does not have their marks.

It's more the shield than the letters that caught my attention. A lot of mainland European potteries copied the shield--they're still old pieces, just not Vienna. I have a set if plates with the copied mark from Germany. Gorgeous, but not Vienna. :)

Well that is interesting because is there any chance that the

H P N that I see stand for Hanley - Palmer - Neal   ?   Is that a possibility?

No, Hanley is the location and the English don't use marks laid out the way this one is. I'm pretty sure it's German.


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