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What Did Your Mother's Kitchen Look Like in The 1940s? Tell Us All about it

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I can remember the ice man coming. He had a one horse wagon and carried in huge chunks of ice with tongs. He'd break off a corner and let us kids suck on pieces. That was heaven in the summer.

A block away the city kept 55 gal drums of tar for road repair. We would go over and break off a piece so we could chew it like gum. It was harmless my Dad said. He also let us chew raw asbestos. We had a big piece of it.  We didn't inhale it. It tastes like paper and you can chew it forever.

We lived about 4 houses from the Union Pacific RR mainline. In the early 40s I would watch whole trains full of tanks, jeeps, trucks, airplanes, small boats, all heading West towards the coast. A couple years later it all came back, heading East. The war was over.



I enjoyed reading your recollections, I hope more members share their stories and memories.




My mother had a wood burning cook stove  with a 10 gal water heater above it. There was a woodshed attached to the kitchen. It was not insulated and had a dirt floor. My army cot was there.  I had lots of blankets and pj's and mukluks and was warm enough. A couple years later my Dad poured concrete into it and I had a new floor.  He eventually put up paperboard and finished the room.  Then we moved across town into a huge 3 story house, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths...

We got our first tv, an Emerson black and white, in 1952. There was only 1 channel at the time.  Our neighbors got a color tv in 1954 and they let us watch it from the front porch!

Mom bought an instant color tv.  It was a transparent piece of plastic that had 3 colors on it.  The top was sky blue, the middle was beige and the bottom was green.  It worked great if you were watching people walking on grass in the daytime!  It lasted about an hour before it was tossed!

Zendelle, love this ad, keep them coming!


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