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Hi, Just wanted to post this article from the Worthpoint "Worthologist" newsletter. One of the appraisers there found a wonderful pair of Porcelain Pieces for a real steal! Read on to see the whole story! Tresures are still out there folks!

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Happens frequently. At a yard sale today I arrived at 9AM; it started at 7:30, so had been going awhile. Was mostly picked over. Nothing valuable left on the tables. I asked the seller if she had any colored glass for sale. She stood up and opened a big plastic container that was filled with depression and Carnival glass which I promptly bought.
That is awesome! Being a huge glass hound, I am very jealous! Congrats!
Sorry Vicki, I didn't relate that to make you jealous, but rather to show people that treasures can be found and frequently. They mostly don't fall in your lap, but you have to pursue them and ask the right questions. At every sale I go to i ask the same questions, Do you have any colored glass? Silver serving pieces? Guns? Artwork?
I get a lot of "No's" but once in awhile, like today, I get a Yes. That makes this game fun.
I was just kidding Tom, I am very happy for you! I would love to see some photo's of your finds! I purchased a lot of pottery and other stuff on the KY leg of the longest yard sale. I am going to post some of the items I just can't figure out sometime next week, including a really strange Tiki happy/Sad guy vase in amber glass - I'm thinking maybe Tiara. Been awful busy latley, so I can't wait to start posting again! Take care, Vicki


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