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Hi All!
I would love to hear what all those who love and collect Vintage Bakelite favor the most - is it Vintage Bakelite Jewelry or perhaps Vintage Kitchenware such as Bakelite Flatware? Frankly, we love it all!! We love what we collect and sell in our shop and never get tired of it - just love all the colors and items that were made! Please stop by our shop anytime and browse - we welcome any questions you might have - my mom and I have been partners for about 30 years.


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Linda, Im going to add...that there is a Group you moderate called Vintage Bakelite here at Iantiqueonline.com. Go to "Groups" and click on Vintage Bakelite to join. This is a very excellent group for those who want to see amazing examples of bakelite and learn more about the topic. Dianne, Editor
hi dianne -
glad i got the discussion post correct! thanks for adding the addtl. info - sounds great to me - this whole site is wonderful and should be publicized all over as there is "something for everyone!"

I too lvoe this site.....let us keep inviting friends to it and it will groq.....Dianne


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