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I have a strange object which puzzles me...it is a glass prism shaped object, rounded angles,, about 12 inches tall and maybe 3 to 4 inches at its widest, hollow with a metal "cap " on one end....very old looking but can't say for sure. No marks at all , the glass is clear and there are no openings or holes, etc..any clues? I have attached a crude drawing as I have no camera at the moment..

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I have seen these before hanging from old lamps or chandeliers. It may be a crystal from an old light. They often fell off or had replacement crystals in the event that one was lost. A picture would help confirm.
iwill post pic as soon as i get my camera back. thank u!!!
being 12 inches long I would think it might be a part of a curtain tieback, the hollow metal cap would attach to a "C" shaped pc with a mounting plate on one end.
just a guess with out picture
Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
will post pic asap. Thank you!!!!


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