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i found these 2 awesome pieces made from a wood they have holes in the very top and in the top front and slats around the front an back on the bottom and are 10 inches tall? 

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Whistle??/ flute

looks like your missing some pieces? I see a palm tree on left, and a star fish on the right. Each one has hole at the top of your pics, to attach to something, I would think? On the bottom of your pic, just below the stones (are they glass, plastic or? might be a clue) there are slots.

The slots must have some purpose? They appear to be tropical and a bit tribal in style. I would do an image search for something like "Hawaiiana, (spelling?), metal torch, cocktail holders, tribal art" just for the heck of it, and see what comes up! 
Seems like a mystery you've got there, hope you find out soon!

i have tried all different descriptions in my search before i put it on here have tried it as a flute a cone and more i have tried Hawaiian and Caribbean even Jamaican and had nadda they are stumpers 

More pix? where do the holes go?

the bottom is wood and hard (so not a slit drum) there is a hole on the centre of the top and one hole in the front as you can see there is no holes on the back and there is a larger hole in the middle of the design i have tried looking for it as a musical instrument (drum flute whistle etc and nothing) bottom does not come off so it cannot be used for incense or as a candle base they are 11 inches tall  

How deep are the holes (and how wide are the top ones)?

the inside is hollow the top hole is the size of a pencil and you can see the size of the  holes in front in the pics 

Hollow like a bored hole connecting the two or hollowed out cone shaped clear down to the slot? More pix might help. Loving the puzzle. Any smell of smoke? Where the holes drilled or burned in? Do they stand up straight?

the holes were drilled hollowed clear to the slot no smell of smoke they stand up perfectly straight there is nothing on the back and bottom so taking a pic of them would be futile and the top just has a drilled pencil sized hole it looks like all one piece that has been carved there is not any joins anywhere 

were ya thinking torches or possibly " torchiere" ie light fixture/sconce type of thingie whatzit? Sounds quite plausible to me, ... hmmm

Maybe from a themed type restaurant or hotel? Katerina, where ever did you find these lovelies: place/state/country and or venue?

i buy at auctions cause i sell collectables and such from my home and they were in one of the pallets i bought i totally love them i am in edmonton alberta canada 

??????? I'm going to say they are not primitive. The slots and glue joints look too precise (modern saw). I was thinking strap on horns but the decorations would not face forward and the holes?????????.

I thought maybe the slot was for a ruler and with pencils they could be a drawing compass but the front holes??????????. 


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