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ok, I have searched and searched, cannot find this anywhere. The label says Waterford Glass Limited, made in the republic of Ireland. It measures approx. 6" long - but please tell me - what did I buy??

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totally agree!!


Have you tried to contact the company directly and simply send them many photos from many angles and ask them about it?  The company still exists today and may well have an archivist division, should the item be of their older product lines.

I did so myself for a glass decanter I have and in doing so learnt a great deal about my item that I didn't know, and was even able to supply their archivist department with new photographic articles of my product which they did not have in their records previously.

So it was a win-win for both of us.

They say "great minds think alike" - I emailed Waterford last night, just waiting to hear now. For me - researching an item is most of the fun, but sometimes I have to concede - the "thingy" won!! Thank you for all your comments.

I suggested last Sunday that your "pipe" might be from the Times Square (NYC) Crystal Ball which drops New Years Eve.  Nobody else commented.

See picture. Inside Triangles in the center are light bulbs on a smaller triangle. In the 3 spaces surrounding it are what appear to me "pipe-shaped" crystals which reflect the light.  I can't get the picture any closer.  The Ball has been modified several times since it was first installed 100+ years ago.

It could be you have a piece of history!

Image result for Waterford Crystal Ball Times Square schematics construction

Due to the nature of where the posts are positioned, replies to existing posts go directly beneath the post being replied to, whereas new posts go to the top of page 1, also given the manner in which one can simply click on the link to the 'latest' reply which essentially skips over to the page which contains the latest post, it is quite easy to miss posts which are made, as they can post to any of the pre-existing pages, or even push out over to a new page.  This means, if someone wants to ensure they do not miss any posts, they have to click through all of the current pages for the discussion and see if there have been any additional posts added as reply to messages they may have read before.

I do nto always remember to do that, and so have missed seeing some posts in the past, indeed I did not see yours Tom.

In looking at close up photos of the NYC Crystal Ball, I cannot see the pip shaped piece you speak of.  I have added some imagery below, can you identify the area more speficially for me and I'll see about getting a better shot to check it out?

Thanks Michael and Tom, personally I cannot see the pipe! Its Friday and its been a long week - that's my excuse. Would Waterford put a label on each one? I have heard back from Waterford LLC, requested more photos, which I have sent. They also said it can take 6 - 8 weeks to reply. Worth waiting for tho!

Michael, your close-up and triangular piece are from a different ball and needless to say what I saw are not seen in the one you found.

I've circled the areas that look like the pipe object in red.  Another Zoom of this does not show them any better.  Possibly is an optical illusion.

You are correct in that my third image,  is of one of the triangles used in the 2017 ball drop, your photo and my first and second images, however, are all from the 100-year anniversary ball drop.  The patterns on the ball change each year, and they do not always even have the same pattern in every cluster of three triangle sets in the same year (see below).  Multiple designs are sometimes used depending on the theme for the year, as a result, there are many triangles of Waterford crystal out there of past designs.  What you are perceiving as a pipe shape light refractor is merely your minds ability to find patterns in what you see int he designs of the triangles' design for that year.  The triangles are held in with simple steel domed nuts through the centre hole.   


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