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Hi Pam

If you are posting this in hopes to acquire some new information about it, please provide some additional information such as dimensions.

Also, pictures in good lighting and sharper focus, plus more of them from the back and closeup of the ornamental carved details etc... could also be useful in identifying the item's background. It can also help if you are able to place the item in front of a blank wall with contrasting colour to the item to help see the edges and details holes through the frame work.

The same goes for any other new posted item you may make in future.

Thanks Mike as you can see im still trying to figure this out a little confusing .I have several pictures but couldnt get them to load and some my descripition has ended up in the replies lol.Please bare with me and ill try and get this right

No worries, we all start somewhere.

I have tried my best to photoshop the divider, but obviously, this is not going to be of great help to most people, as I cannot really increase the clarity of your original photo by very much at all and finding the genuine edges of the item is difficult due to it being so dark.  For instance, any comment I make about what the carvings could be is basically guess work.  The three panels look as though they have different coloured backgrounds, however, I believe this may be an optical illusion based on the angle and lighting of the original photo.

Hello Everyone thank you for letting me join.Im still a little lost but ill figure it out.I need some help.I bought this beautiful dressing screen/room divider a couple weeks ago but after days of searching I cant seem to find out anything about it.Like age and a Value.I have even went to a few shops.It has 6 painted canvas panels three on each side same pictured on both.Thank you for any help.

Try this trick, if your camera allows for it.

Open the divider up flat, get it as close to the wall and upright as possible whilst ensuring it doesn't seem fall forward.

Get your camera, turn off the flass function, line your photo up with the camera and get the item in focus, turn off automatic focus, turn off the lights, take the picture in the dark from the same position you got it in focus before.  Get a helper to turn off the lights for you once you have the camera aligned, in focus and and ready to go.

Taking photos in this way can help by eliminating the colour influence of the ceiling lights, or other lights, which commonly have an orangish tinge to them which changes the colour of the item itself as well as eliminating any reflected light source.

I used this method to photograph an entire collection of paintings for an auction and the colours were spectacularly close to the original item.  I did not have access to a studio or product photo area and it was impractical to setup white screens and photo booths for some of the larger items anyway, so it worked quite well. 

Hopefully it could work for you too, but as with all things, different products, spacing and camera equipment may prove me wrong in your case, who knows.

Thank you Mike ill give that a try.I do have the measurements they are 70"Hx 62 1/4 W panels are 4'Hx18 3/4"W.The same 3 paintings and wood working are on the back
Also only camera I own is my phone.How do I load more photos to this thread.I did manage to get 3 loaded but dont know where they are lol

I read where it was the newest fad in circa,1900 to paint flowers over the original designs. Your flowers are bright but not done with much skill.  I did see 1 panel that didn't look anything like yours but it had hand  painted flowers probably done by the same person. I didn't copy it. It suggested 1900 and France.

Painting over the original design ruined the value. But it's still an antique and works.

I have been searching online, found nothing that matches yours, but have noticed this item coming up int he results a number of times.  The only reason I post it here is that the style of the oil painted flowers is quite similar to that of your item.  The general style of the divider is very different however.

1920's Divider with oil painted flowers sold on Etsyhttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/bf/0f/28/bf0f28324dcd5b81a87277f3b44919fd--dressing-screen-rose-oil.jpg

First, Michael. I salute you with your lovely style, patience and finesse.

Pam, my impressions. Old wood frame, somewhat Chinoiserie in style, possibly Edwardian (early 1900's). Looks to me the painted panels were replaced. Are you certain they are hand-painted in oils on canvas?

The floral style is rather 'one-note' generic and almost looks like transfer or screen prints. However, florals were especially prominent in the 30's & 40's. And generally vase motifs were more boisterous & colorful featuring a plethora of loosely arranged, vibrant flowers; different than this almost "One-stroke", pastel-palette decorative floral painted formal style. Decorators love taking old screens and refitting them with fabric or hand-painted, even stenciled artwork, as you likely know.  :-)

You may have a married piece and there-by custom, and will be hard-pressed finding another exactly alike.

This, btw, is one of the most superlative boards out there full of expert opinion and generous sharing of ideas and information.

Been joined up for awhile and only my second post.

Fabulous job everyone and host, Dianne!

I think this entire screen is modern; the panels are for sure. The frame looks to have some age from a distance, but I think it could be a faux technique. I'd like to see some close-ups of the frame details and the panels.


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