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Does this look like any depression glass pattern to y'all?


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Prelude by Viking or New Martinsville.  It's elegant glass.
Thank you!  Oh gosh, a whole new world--elegant glass.  Great, something else to learn!  :)


Check this out. Is this the same pattern to you?


Does anyone in the group need me to differentiate between Elegant and Depression Glass? LMK. Barbara

Yes Barbara. I would like to know the difference between Elegant Glass and Depression Glass. Please tell us how to tell the difference, and whatever else we may need to know to help us get started in identifying Elegant Glass.
The difference between "depression glass" and "elegant depression" or just plain "Elegant glass" is quality. This platter is "Cherokee Rose" by Tiffin glass co. A very popular and abundant pattern. The real American "Depresion glass" was made very cheaply - in a time when resources were scarce and so was cash, they were made with very low quality. The "elegant" glass of the same period was made by better glass companies for their customer's who still had a bit of cash and wanted something a step up. Most will have a fire polished or machine ground base - this is your first clue when determining what you have. The second step is design - you can see the beauty and fineness of this pattern for example. Hope this helps - and welcome to the wonderful world of glass - feel free to join my group "glass hound heaven" here at iantique for more info!
Vicki provided a great overview. There were many glass companies operating in the early decades of the twentieth century. Some glass companies produced lovely wares that were carefully produced with attention to detail. These companies included Heisey, Fostoria, and many more. Other companies mass produced glassware with little or no attention to detail and quality and include Hazel-Atlas, Jeannette, and many more who produced glass that would be sold to a retailer or theatre owner and then ultimately be given away free to the consumer. The good glass was purchased by mother, often at a jewelry store or good department store and this glass is now refered to as "Elegant Glass." The junky stuff was free or pennies to own and is now refered to as "Depression Glass." Both types of glass were made at the same time but with different levels of quality and by different companies. Think of Elegant Glass for the dining room and Depression Glass for the kitchen. Barbara
Interesting discussion!


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