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Hello all. Someone on whadja find sent me to you. My sister in law was recently given several boxes of things that were her grandmothers. Nancy is 50 so her grandmother has been gone a while. There was a good amount of flatware marked sterling and then there were these pieces, which are monogrammed but otherwise unmarked. The monograms are strangely, to me, on the bottoms of the pieces, if you know anything about that please tell. Family lore is that both sets were silver, not plate.
The knife blades are not stainless and they look like my vintage chef knives, dark and mottled. You can see parts of them in the picture with the two knife handles. The silver itself is in great shape and if it is plate there are no base metals showing through anywhere I could see.
I foolishly told my sister in law that I have been vey good at figuring out patterns etc on google images and I would try for her but, wow. No. I tried sterling and plate. The few patterns I could find with grapes all hung the wrong way down the handle. Nothing really looks like this.
If anyone has any idea of what this pattern is, approx age and maker, I would love to have the benefit of your expertise...it will sure impress me sister in law as well!
Oh, also, sorry, but I use an iPad and it will only allow one photo at a time. More in seconds...thanks!

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And monogram


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