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This table has  been  in my  family for at least 50+ years. I  have no other  info  on it and  can't find any makers marks of any kind. It would be great if someone could give me more info and approx value. I want to sell  it but have no idea how much to ask for it.



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Oh, forgot to  mention it is 30" in Diameter and 30" tall


Note, there are no bids on this look-alike. Looks just like yours. I'd estimate it at about 1/3rd that, or around $500-600.

I note that the one on eBay has been refinished, whereas yours enjoys the original patina. DO NOT REFINISH YOURS.

Wow, thanks

and I would  never try refinishing it, I am aware that is a big No-No




"Northwind head" refers to the little man's face on the claw foot.

tho I think yours is Not quarter sawn oak I think it is magogany or such, not as much demand which will cut the price also



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