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I need my memory refreshed on the right reactions to expect to see when using

a black light to verify the age of different items.   Newer oils, acrylics, and glue all glows. Older Vaseline Glass glows  bright yellow. As well as the uranium in older marbles. If an old painting is touched up with modern paints that will glow. Soo...How does and assumed older Watercolor painting supposed to react??? Also can you tell the age of the paper it is painted on, and /or matted with the same way?? what about wooden frames??  And do I remember these reactions correctly of have I remembered it in reverse???  "mental-pause" is a frustrating state of mind!!! LOL  PLEASE  help me!! I have what we believe may be a very exciting discovery for the Art world!! but I can't let you in on it until we are more convinced that what we think we found is actually what we think it is!!!  I will say this much, IF ANYONE can give me any tips, or hints at dating)  the materials that would of been used in a antique Water Color painting of approx. 1890- to 1917. I would greatly appreciate it. If we are right it just might be a unfinished,unknown,missing, piece that was smuggled out of Germany in WW11. Hopefully by a VERY WELL KNOWN MASTER.  (don't want to commit any more details, until we investigate a little further!!  But this could be VERY exciting.

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