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I am trying to identify a round/spherical pink glass vase with a flat bottom, but no markings that I can see. It is 8" wide with a 2-5/8" opening at top & about 7-1/2" tall.
The round bubbles in the glass are indented or dimpled on the inside & they protrude a little on the outside.
I can't seem to find anything like it, except a clear glass vase that is similar & made in Germany. At first I thought it might be Anchor Hocking, because I found a similar pattern on some bowls, but nothing else. Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Hi Charlotte, this is not a hocking piece. I also believe that it is modern. Most likely 1980 to current. My best guess it is a light colored lead crystal. Most of the modern stuff of quality - (yours looks to be) comes from Germany/Poland/Czechoslovakia region known to most as the "Czech Bohemia" modern glass.

It may be mold blown as well, hard to tell by a photo, but if the base has a "polished pontil" that would indicate hand done. Otherwise a quality crystal piece - I think a candle holder or a Modern "Rose Bowl" (one places one or two fresh rose heads in water, the round shape is said to enhance the aroma this way! :)

If it "tings" when tapped by a fingernail, its likely lead crystal. Otherwise, I'd guess its from a party plan, Party lite or The one that sold crystal table wear who's name now escapes me. I think it went under in the early 2000's, but had good quality items? UGH - Sorry I cant think of it! Would be likely choices. 

Thank you so much for the information, Vicki. It gives me more to check out.

 Your Welcome and Good luck, I hope I was helpful! :)

Pattern looks like "hobnail" to me. Link is NOT same size as yours but close enough that you can determine use. It has multiple uses as a vase, votive candle holder or terrarium.  My link is 5" high, 6" wide, depth inside is 4.5", opening is 4" and base is 3".  New, $8.99 USD. Mfr not shown. 



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