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I have had a pin out on eBay for a couple weeks .. think I identified it correctly .. thought there might be interest …    or someone would make an offer .. but nada.   I am getting the feeling it may not be what I offered it as.   Not sure I am allowed to link my eBay sale here so will not do that .. but check it out please .. thanks … Zeke

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I feel someone mislead you.  How can nobody on this site, (or on the internet) not know what I am asking about?  Ya know?

This mark by Hector Aguilar

And this one by William Spratling are the ones I see the most of.

Molly, I think you are correct. I think its very likely this is not an authentic Taxco piece, but a knock-off of some sort. I've not had time yet, But, I will try to verify this. "Two Trees" or not! 

Molly and Vicki .. I have tried a dozen times to respond to this and when I send add reply the wheel just spins.   Will have start from scratch and retype it now I think.   I will first see if this works!  Zeke

Molly and Vicki

Nobody mislead me at all. Along the way as I tried to learn what this pendant was I found reference to TWO TREES as a TAXCO maker. I saw several pieces offered as such on eBay, but could never see any mark. But when I looked closely at the mark on my piece, well if that isn’t TWO TREES what is it?

And now back to the first sentence of my original post. I “thought I identified it correctly ... “. But because there has been no interest in it I began to think maybe not. So I asked the question which happens also to be the SUBJECT of this discussion. Is this really TWO TREES .. or not?

Is there an older or newer mark? Is the one you offered here THE “ Two Trees “ mark? The only one? See, I still see two trees. Is it a Chinese rip-off? A bogus piece. And if so, why would anyone bother for a silly $100 pin?

At this time I know I don’t know! I really appreciate your effort and patience .... you are still patient aren’t you?

You two may be right .. but for the life of me I cannot fathom anyone going to the work to "knock-off" anything like this.   Which makes me wonder .. is there a list of "knock-off" fashion jewelry marks?   That would be pretty helpful!   Z

Just for kicks I have been searching …  here is another one!   A real distinct TWO TREES .. just like my piece but better stamped.   Z


And here … 


Hmm, My issue with this "Two trees" biz is that it's not listed in the trusted Silver ID site I posted, just above. I've got a bit of time, so I'll take a look at some of the newer makers, but I'm fairly certain on the point that this is a "Made to Deceive" piece.

You ask "Why" would someone do that, for a lower cost item? CHINA is your answer - they don't care what markets they ruin, it seems to be a bad habit with them. First it was Depression glass, then our American Pottery companies such as Roseville, Weller and etc. Then they even took out McCoy Cookie Jars! NO I'm not kidding, wish I was. But these "makers of false products" seem to be relentless in destroying any Collectibility left in the USA vintage and antiques markets, Exactly In the Medium and lower value categories. WHY? I suspect because no one ever comes after them, Precisely because the values are not significant. Well, I can introduce you to thousands of dealers who would have loved to go after them! But the government won't. So, the result is all dealers/sellers and collectors of USA Vintage/Antiques items Suffer the consequences!

It's my opinion, and I have shared My opinion with several senators and congresspersons, is that ANY/ALL stuff made in CHINA must be marked in such a way that can not be altered - ie no cheap arse sticker that can be pealed off - so that everyone will know exactly what it is!

But they never listen to those of us who know, intimately the damage that has been caused, by China's cheap crap! :( So the reason all our medium markets are Way Down in price now, is the exact result of allowing this to continue!

So, I went through all the known marks of the older Artisans, from a very trusted page, (link below) that ID's Silver artists and markings on jewelry and etc. There is NO two trees marking, that I can find. The only one that is a bit similar is by the artist "Miguel Garcia, 1950's" I was not able to copy the mark and post, so here is the link, just look down on the right hand side for his name: https://www.925-1000.com/mexican_marks3.html#M

We could also go over the newer artists from the online store link that I posted with your cross, but I think it's unnecessary. The fact that you have had this listed over a period of time with zero interest speaks volumes to me. That by itself tells me this is not a correct piece. ( I do hope you listed it under the Jewelry>Native American/Southwestern"category though?) If not your likely hurting your chances, but even still, collectors will keep looking till they find the pieces they want, regardless of where they may be listed, in most cases. So I think it's safe to assume this piece and it's marking are likely faux Taxco. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but likely your client thought he/she was purchasing a good piece of Taxco silver and was mistaken. It can happen to anybody. 

Just FYI, I also went though a second ID Mexican silver page, that also has Unidentified artisan marks too. No dice! No Two trees, and i checked out a few "stores" in Mexico, but had trouble finding any info on the actual artists.

Here is the second site, it's a nice one for reference in any case: http://www.silvercollection.it/MEXICOSILVERMARKS.html 

Thank you.  It is a nice site.  In fact I have had correspondence with the gentleman operating the site.   We had in our possession some pieces from the time of Louis IV and I wanted information about the piece and the markings.   He was reluctant to offer his opinion, not sure why, but I let it drop and eventually moved the old salt nef through a Chicago auction house.     

I will put this to rest but it will always niggle me this mark I now find on pieces on everything from eBay to Etsy!   Will the REAL Two Trees please stand up!    Zeke

I lost another reply somehow, but here is a bit of back ground.  This lady was a silver dealer in New York in the 1960s, not her primary occupation.  Extremely educated she learned Arabic when she branched into Ottoman Coins.   And she was in TAXCO in the 1950s!   We presumed she bought that then, but we do know she often bought lots and it may have been amore recent item.  Maybe I will try to look for 1950s TAXCO TWO TREES and see what I come up with.   Probably nada.    

Once again .. appreciate your persistence.   


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